Who We Are

Professional lake management company with licensed, experienced applicators.

Who We Are

Aquatic Management, Inc. is a professional lake management company with licensed, experienced applicators. We offer complete maintenance service for all of your aquatic needs, including aeration, vegetation management, and our seven-month Clean Lake Program for ongoing maintenance and restoration.

Whether you manage a community or association lake or own a private lake or pond, we are professionally qualified to treat nuisance aquatic weeds and algae. The algaecides and herbicides we apply are specifically registered with the State of Indiana and approved by the EPA for use in lakes and ponds.

Application equipment

Your lake’s ecosystem is our #1 priority. We continually update our application equipment to apply products more effectively and efficiently. Our equipment has been engineered with the most recent technology to accomplish the most complete, accurate application to the target species, while using the minimum amount of product.

Licensed, Experienced Applicators

All aquatic applications are implemented by certified, licensed, and insured applicators, in accordance with state and local regulations. Our applicators are trained, experienced professionals who participate in ongoing education to ensure the best possible performance for our clients.

Contact us for effective lake management from our qualified specialists.