Quality Aquatic Care for Lakes & Ponds

Environmentally Balanced Lake & Pond Management Solutions


Maintain or restore the natural splendor of your lake or pond. Rely on Aquatic Management, Inc. to deliver effective algae and vegetation control.

Aeration & Fountains

Add a focal point to your lake while helping oxygenate the water. We offer various floating fountains and top-of-the-line aeration systems.

Ongoing Maintenance Services

Take complete control over submerged and emergent weeds and algae on your property with regularly scheduled inspections and applications, based on a preventive strategy.

What Can Aquatic Management do for YOUR Lake or Pond?

Trusted in Northeast Indiana Since 1982

We proudly serve the Fort Wayne, Auburn, Huntington, Bluffton, Decatur, Berne, and Portland communities.

Hear From Our Customers:

“I have used Aquatic Management for 3 years now and I have had a positive experience. Pond looks great and price is fair for the time it would take me to do it. Very responsive when I have questions.” – Sarah K.

“I reached out to Aquatic Management for some help with our homeowners’ association’s ponds. Aquatic Management not only had a good price, but they were able to schedule us quickly. The way they communicated with me made me feel really appreciated as a customer and helped me to trust they had everything under control. I can’t stress enough how good their customer service was. If you’re looking for a good pond company with good pricing, then you won’t go wrong with Aquatic Management.” – Joel C.

“Our HOA has used Aquatic Management for many years now. We have been very pleased. They are very friendly and prompt to reply to any questions or concerns.” – Rachael C.

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